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Have you applied for a specific welfare benefit and been turned down? Don’t despair, come and talk it over with us because if we believe that you have a good case, we can help you to appeal and represent you at a First Tier Tribunal (we’re the only advice centre in the area which can do so). We also provide a weekly help desk in the local Magistrates’ Court in Welshpool, working with HM Courts Services on their problem-solving initiative to help reduce re-offending. (We were awarded the High Sheriff of Powys Award in 2011 for this work.) And we work, too, with other groups to provide the same service in Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Courts.


The following are two cases where we have successfully represented clients at tribunals. Because our service is strictly confidential we have changed their names.

  • Mr Jones suffered from a very painful condition affecting his neck and back. He had been in receipt of Incapacity Benefit since 2005 when he had to leave work because of his health problems. In 2011 he was required to transfer to Employment and Support Allowance. After completing the questionnaire, and attending a medical assessment, he was refused ESA and then came to Bro Ddyfi Advice Centre for help.

    Together we wrote a submission dealing with the assertions of the doctor who had assessed him for ESA and had found little amiss even though Mr Jones’s condition had worsened over the years. Mr Jones gathered medical evidence from his GP as well as several letters from consultants to whom he had been referred. These showed clearly that his neck and back problems were serious; that they limited his ability to carry out ordinary, everyday tasks and restricted his lifestyle to the extent that he was rarely able to go out of his house. At the tribunal Mr Jones was awarded ESA. If he had been forced to claim Job Seekers Allowance, attend training courses, interviews etc., the consequences could have resulted in irreparable damage to his physical health.

  • Bindi, aged 24, suffered from severe depression and anxiety. She claimed Disability Living Allowance because her GP thought she ought to have it. She found the long form difficult to fill in but did her best with her mother’s help. A doctor came to visit her at home but she found this stressful so she did not talk much about her problems, simply wanting him to go away. She was refused DLA but by then she had a Community Psychiatric Nurse assigned to her who encouraged her to seek our advice.

    After talking to Bindi and her parents it became clear to us that she should qualify for middle rate care and lower rate mobility. with Bindi's permission we put together a submission, explaining her difficulties in responding on the form and to the visiting doctor and how her condition severely affected her in daily life. Bindi’s GP wrote a letter of support, stressing that her appointment with a psychiatrist had been postponed twice due to his illness and her Community Psychiatric Nurse also wrote a letter of support. Bindi’s mother attended the hearing (because Bindi felt unable to) and she outlined the extent to which she and her husband had to try to calm, motivate and keep an eye on their daughter. Bindi was awarded middle rate care and lower rate mobility for two years, in the hope that her condition would improve.

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