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Family & Relationship Issues

In this often highly emotional area, our advice and help is both sensitively handled, impartial and totally confidential. Has your relationship broken down and you’re unsure of your rights? Is your partner abusing you? Are you a father being denied your visiting rights? Come to us for help and advice on: parental responsibility; divorce; relationship breakdown; disputes and children; child support; domestic violence and finding specialist legal help if necessary. We can also help if you’ve had a bereavement (death) in the family and need our help with the problems and legalities involved. So don’t wait and worry, come and see us now.


The following are examples of how we helped two Bro Ddyfi Advice Centre clients with their problems. Because our service is strictly confidential, we have changed their names.

  • Elin Z came to Bro Ddyfi Advice Centre to ask us if the mortgage on her house could be put in her name only as she was afraid that her partner, Fred W, would sell it without her permission. She and Fred had moved into their present home five years previously and they owned it jointly. Eighteen months previously Elin had had a baby, but since then Elin and Fred’s relationship began to deteriorate. They had constant rows, Fred was frequently drunk and, on occasion, assaulted Elin.

    The week before Elin (who had left work in order to care for the baby full time, came to us), she and Fred had had another row and Fred walked out. Elin had not heard from him since. She thought he might be staying with his parents but did not want to get in touch with him as she wanted nothing more to do with him. Elin also showed us two final demand notices for gas and electricity, both in Fred’s name. Elin had £500 in her bank account but was reluctant to spend this as it was the only money of her own she now had.

    We were able to advise Elin that her home could not be sold without her permission as it was jointly owned. The fuel accounts could be changed to her name and we negotiated on her behalf with the electricity and gas companies with the final demands so that she could pay them off in easy stages. We also advised Elin that, as she was a full-time mum, there were a number of Welfare Benefits, in addition to Child Benefit which she was already getting, that she could be entitled to such as: Income Support, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit and Child Tax Credit.

  • Annabelle A, aged 16½, came to see us with what she said, were ‘boyfriend problems’. Although she asked to see a female adviser, at first she seemed extremely embarrassed and unwilling to talk, but after some gentle persuading from the adviser, Annabelle admitted that she didn’t have any problems at all with her boyfriend – on the contrary, they were so in love that she wanted to go on the pill. She knew, though, that her parents, although they liked her boyfriend, would not approve of this and would never give their approval. Could her family doctor prescribe the pill for her without her parents’ consent or knowledge?

    As our adviser told Annabelle, the answer was ‘yes’.

Come to us and let us give you that helping hand.