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Welfare Benefits & Tax Credits

Do you have a low income (or even none at all)? Do you have health problems and/or a disability that stops you from working? Do you have difficulty paying the rent and council tax? Are you worried about exactly what benefits you can claim, especially since changes to existing health benefits are on the way? Are you a pensioner finding it impossible to make ends meet? Are you caring for someone getting Disability Living Allowance? No money for certain necessities? Whatever your problem, we can do a Benefits check for you, we can help you apply for them and, what’s more, should your claim be turned down, we can assist you to appeal when appropriate.

These are some of the Benefits we can help you with: • Income Support and Job Seekers’ Allowance (IBJSA or JSA) • Employment Support Allowance (ESA) • Incapacity Benefit • Statutory Sick Pay • Maternity Allowance • State Retirement Pension and Pension Credit • Severe Disability Living Allowance • Disability Allowance • Attendance Allowance • Carer’s Allowance • Working Tax Credit • Child Tax Credit • Housing Benefit • Council Tax Benefit • Crisis Loans • Community Care Grants/budgeting loans • Bereavement and/or funeral payments

Comprehensive and up-to-date information on welfare benefits can be found of the government website


Here are just two examples of how we have been able to help Advice Mid Wales clients with their Benefit problems. Because our service is totally confidential, their names have been changed.

  • Ivo recently lost the job he had had for several years. His wife was not in paid work but looked after their two small children full-time in their rented house. He came to us for advice on exactly what Benefits he would qualify for.

    We established that Ivo had received the correct amount of redundancy pay that he was entitled to, although that amounted to very little. Because he had paid enough National Insurance Contributions and was available for work, Ivo could claim contributions-based Jobseekers’ Allowance. His wife would continue to get Child Benefit and she also qualified for Child Tax Credit. Even so, their income was still less than their needs, so, after means-testing, Ivo was able to get incomes-based JSA to top up their income, as well as Housing and Council Tax Benefits.

  • Bronwyn, who lived with her partner, Sharon, and her two school-aged children, worked in a restaurant but had been off sick for 7 months and had been getting Incapacity Benefit for herself and the children at the higher short-term rate. Bronwyn supported Sharon, who was not in paid work, but who looked after the children when she was working. Bronwyn wanted to know if she could claim an increase for Sharon.

    We were able to reassure Bronwyn that an increase could, indeed, be paid with Incapacity Benefit as Sharon was an adult dependent with no other earnings, who lived with Bronwyn and who looked after her children for her.

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